Are there anyone that got this to work???
Before un apgrade to 3.01 didn't we have any (larger) problems with SyncML phones, but after we don't get any records from GW. The data are in the webpage but doesn't sync over.
On the device I got "Seeion Completed. Some items could not be syncronized."

In the sync-log in the phone it say: Sent data: 19045 byte and Received data: 92505 byte
In the log on the web-server it says:
2009-03-23 16:08:46 - Synchronization started
Device name: SonyEricsson K810i
Duration: 66 secs
Bytes In/Out: 18809 / 92162
Total msgs: 18
CALENDAR Received (0 additions, 0 updates, 0 deletes) Sent (237 additions, 0 updates, 0 deletes)

Phone is a Sony/ericsson K810i but we got the problem on other SE phones.
On phones with a client it is working even if it is much slower compared to 2.04.

Best regards
Per Ohlsson