As title says, just updated to Groupwise 7.0.3 and syncing stopped a few hours later. Gw running on clustered OES1 servers.

according to GroupWise_Translator.log:
Authentication according to GroupWise_Authenticator.log is successful.

D 00:26:53.150 1c4e940 GWT GWNotifica exception occured: HTTP transport error: Read timed out; nested exception is:
HTTP transport error: Read timed out ub.getEventsRequest(GroupWiseEventsPortType_Stub.j ava:100)
gwtranslator.GWEvents.processEvents( 546)
gwtranslator.GWEvents.processEvents( 436)
gwtranslator.GWEvents.removeEvents( 58)
gwtranslator.GWNotificationConnection.processEvent (