Need some guidance please........

We're currently running BMEE36 on a Netware6 SP2 server. We're using ONLY
the radius (authentication services?) component of BM and nothing else.
We're going to be implementing 2 new NW6.5 servers to take over the load of
our Radius authentication, but I'm having a hard time figuring out just what
product or suite I should be looking to. From what I understand, BMEE36 is
not supported under NW65, so I'm forced to either upgrade or install another
product suite. In looking at BM3.8, I don't see any mention of radius in
its documentation home page, so is this even what I should be looking at?
In reading this group, and others, it looks like I need NMAS (as radius is a
component of that product bundle). ????

I took over support of our radius services, which was setup by a former
colleague of mine, so I'm trying to learn our current setup and understand
it enough before I can attempt to migrate us to new servers and upgraded
versions. But I could sure use some help or pointing in the right direction
on what products I should be researching to implement our new servers.

Any help is appreciated,