I am about to purchase Small Business Suite 6.5 as an upgrade to my NW 5.0
server that I have now. I have bought a new server P-IV/2.8 ghz, 36 GB
SCSI hard drive, 2GB of RAM, and two network cards. I understand you have
to have two network cards if you are going to use Bordermanager as a VPN.
There will only be 5-6 people who will be logging in at any one time.

What are some considerations I should think about when setting up
Bordermanager? Should I have a seperate volume for it? If so how large?
How difficult is it to set up for someone that has never done it before
and is somewhat familiar with Netware 5(CNA)?

I will be reading the documentation for the setup but, I know the
documentation doesn't always tell you everything you need to know. I am
just looking to avoid any of the pitfalls during the installation and
setup that could cause problems later on.

Thanks in advance for any advice on the subject!