short story
we have an oes2 (non sp1) box that is unstable due to many different variables. All of the data we want is on NSS volumes located on a compellent san. One of our server guys does not want to update the server to sp1 due to various issues. What i would like to know is would it be possible for me to

  • bring up a new box, make it OES2 sp1 all patched and happy ( may be virtual or physical)
  • dismount the nss pool on the non sp1 server
  • remove the lun from the non sp1 server
  • add the lun from the compellent san to the new happy oes2 sp1 server
  • activate the nss pool, and poof! all my volumes are now serviced by a happy healthy server!

if this work could it also go the other way back to the original server?
am i asking for trouble?
is my post too long and rambling?

thanks for any guidance, and sorry if this is answered ever other day :)