Nw6.0 and BMsp1
I am trying to setup a Client to site IKE based VPN on a server that had a
legacy VPN setup. The problem is, after setting up the VPN server and
service in Imanager, nothing loads No vpmaster,Authgw or Ike.

I suspect that the reason revolves aroung the fact that the legacy tunnel
still shows up in inetcfg. I can see no other reason why it wont load. The
legacy config has been removed with vpncfg. and it shows that there is no
VPN servers configured, yet the tunnel still shows up in inetcfg.

Is there a way to remove this entry in inetcfg? With out causing downtime
or major server issues?

Novell has provided TID 10014469, which has you recreate the whole inetcfg
configuration. I would like to avoid this, if possible due to the downtime
factor involved.

Has anyone else dealt an issue similar to this?
Any help would be definitley appreciated.