We've just done a major in-place upgrade to our network this week. As the
last part of this upgrade we are replacing an old BorderManager 3.5
server on a NetWare 6.0 box running http proxy with two NetWare 6.5
boxes, one as a packet filter and the other as a caching device. We added
both new servers to the tree and would like to first enable the caching
device and then switch out our gateway. However, as soon as the first
BorderManager 3.8 server was added to the tree, we found we could not use
NWadmin to view the BorderManager setup tab in the properties of either
the BM 3.5 server or the BM 3.8 server. The error message we see in
NWadmin is this:

NDS error -316

Boh BM 3.8 servers have support pack 2a installed.

Any ideas how to get past this are welcome.