I'm trying to distribute Kaspersky Agent (6.0.1710) with Kaspersky for Workstation 6.0 ( with ZCM 10. With ZEN 7, no problem. I had made a .bat file to install agent, kaspersky worstation, update definition file after installation, re-enable the windows firewall and a reboot of the workstation.

If I try to convert my ZEN7 app to ZCM10, it's don't work. I've tried to make a new bundle to get the same step that my .bat file, but when installing the Kaspersky Workstation, the ZenWorks agent still came state in "Distribution mode". Never seen the end of the distribution for that application. With a command line with .exe installation or with the .MSI file, same result, distribution never end! (No error message!) If I stop the distribution and restart the computer, Kaspersky was installed, but definition virus not updated. (It's normal because my 3rd step (for update) never started!)

I don't know why ZEN never see the end of distributing Kaspersky... someone could help me?

I'm using ZEN 10.1.3 on Linux server with Win XP Pro SP3 Workstations.

Thank you for your help!