I'm trying to register an OES2SP1 server for updates. I'm following the
documentation for preparing and registering the server according to
Novell but failing.

When I enter the following:
suse_register -a email=email_address -a regcode-sles=SLES_reg_code -a

with the correct reg codes I see on my customer centre page I get the
following error: ERROR: 'OES2-SP1-Pool' is not a valid catalog.

Are there additional parameters I need to specify?

Running rug sl gives the following:
1 | Inactive | NU | https://nu.novell.com | https://nu.novell.com

So it looks as if the registration partly worked.

Ultimately what I'd like to do is set up my ZLM server to automatically
download patches for OES2 but I'm guessing I need the credentials from
the cookie and partnernet files as for OES1.