I'm not sure where to ask this....because I haven't a clue as to how
to go about doing it. So please send me to the correct forum if this
isn't the place.

We have vendors come in to give us presentations. Usually they just
setup a laptop and projector and go from there. But lately some of
them have been asking for internet access for their laptop. My
concern is that I have no guarantee that these vendors PCs aren't
going to have some type of virus, trojan, etc... that might be able to
harm my network. My initial thought is to take advantage of something
I setup for testing purposes....

T1 line - router - hub - BMgr server - my network

I could plug them into the hub between the router and the BMgr server.
This exposes them....but at least my network is safe. But this also
takes one of my routable IPs....and it also requires me to make sure
that the conference room port they use is plugged into that
hub....which won't always be true. So chances are, they could come
in, plug in their PC without my knowing, and I have a problem.

So is there a method to automatically isolate a PC and yet give it
internet access?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

Ken Etter