DLU policy applied to device placing the user in the Windows User Group not Windows Administrator Group.

Visio2003 Windows Bundle created as MSI Application. Option selected to run as user with Administrator Rights checked.

Bundle installs correctly and is useable.

Trying to uninstall the application.

Application is visible when opening Add and Remove Programs as the user. When click to remove the application I receive a message "In order to install Visio Standard, you must either be an administrator or have Visio Standard approved by an administrator."

When I Run As Add and Remove Programs with Administrator credentials the Microsoft Office Visio Standard 2003 application is not listed.

I configured the bundle to turn on the Uninstall feature and to allow the user to uninstall.

I checked the bundle and selected Uninstall Bundle from the Quick Task screen. I added the device and clicked ok. I see the Quick Task go through the New, Assigned, the device begins a refresh, then the Quick Task shows the Uninstall Failed.

What log should I look at to determine why the uninstall failed? Any insight on how to configure to uninstall a bundle as a local windows user would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.