On the eve of our first deployment of Zen 10.1.3 to a small group of users outside of IT, we noticed that our bundles are installing incredibly slow. We have opened SR # 10480594751 with Novell, but I thought it might be good to make a post as well to see if others have seen it.

What we are noticing:
-Installing bundles is taking a very long time (slow transfers).
-A process named dbsrv10 on the server is constantly running with 3 to 15% use of the CPU. We have either not noticed this before or it's something new.
-When discovering this above I noticed that dbsrv10 had been running for 4300 "TIME+" (is this minutes or hours? seen from the Top command) and since rebooting has continued to run constantly.
-Using the Closest Server Rules we redirected a subnet to our ZCM 10 imaging server and had the same results. We also tried a field server and it was slower (expected, as it's coming over the WAN). We confirmed this using tcpdump host <client's ip>).