I recently installed BM8.5 on a SBS6.5 host machine and experienced the
ACLCHECK.NLM abend. Back-revving to the SP1 ACLCHECK resolved the
abend, but the past three days have brought massive latency problems
that dramatically slowed my business (we use the internet for access to
public credit bureau records).

After devoting an hour with my ISP's tech support department to the
problem, we reasonably concluded the problem isn't with the wire. On
the upside, we eliminated the DHCP host and firewall features on the
router they supplied. I decided to apply SP2a tonight to see if it
helps. The initial results are great - no abend and no latency
problems. In fact the browser connections appear to be smoking fast.

I'll report back if I see any problems but 15 minutes into the testing
it appears 2a is a winner. And if it isn't, that comment ought to lock
up the entire network.