Hello Teaming Enthusiasts,

Lot's of us want to have more eDir user attributes on the Profile Page. Now that I am Beta testing 2.0 I have made some time available to do some research on this topic. With an LDAP Browser I've made an inventory of all the fields I would like to use on a Profile Page.

Find below the mappings of the internal Teaming identifiers to Ldap attributes I used:

mobile=mobile *
city=physicalDeliveryOfficeName *
phone=telephoneNumber *
organization=company *
postalCode=postalCode *
country=co *
userTitle=title *
street=street *
faxnumber=facsimileTelephoneNumber *
zonName=uid *

company, country and mobile are attributes added by, in my case, eGuide. As an alternative they can be accessed trough the 'Other' page in C1. When not there you can create the attributes to the User class yourself.

The ones marked with an * are added. Look at the internal identifiers as if they were database fields (which they actually are). So when editing the Profile View (_user) use these fields to the Profile Form Definition > Form.

When you have finished and are satisfied with the results you can add them as business cards elements.

Have a look at the attachments (in the 3 following reply's) to see where I put them and how the results look.

Have FUN -:)