Two questions.

When downloading GroupWise Server Migration Utility from
download.novell.com it is from 2006.
Version is 1.0.
Checking documentation on web still says 1.0.
In that documentation it say that it is posible to migrate GW 7 to GW
7 and GW 8 to GW 8. Fine.
But when extracting package (the one from 2006) there is a PDF in it
(still stating 1.0) and it says that supported versions of GW is 6.5
and 7...
Is this still the MigUtil that I should use? 1.0. From 2006. Or is
there any newer?

In documentation it say that you should migrate to same version, not
upgrade. Fine.
But if source is of course patched to 7.0.X something. Install-media
is of course 7.0.0, shipping. Is that a problem? Or are there any
"overlay"-media, with 7.0.X to use?