We have ten servers running OES 2 Netware 6.5, with Novell eDirectory Version 8.8 SP2 SMP Version 20216.62 May 28, 2008. Two of the servers are DL380 G5, Dual core Xeon 5160 3GHZ processors, 4GB RAM, (4) 146 SATA drives, NIC - NC373i, ROM version P56-11/01/2008, PSP 8.10. The DL380 G5 servers exhibit the following behavior. A user will login and not get any netware resources, and not be able to authenticate to netware. The temporary workaround has been to launch an emergency console and unload and reload DS. This behavior would occur approximately every 7 days. We have scheduled jobs to unload and reload DS on each of the problem servers, this has temporarily fixed the problem in the short term. Both of the problem servers have a read/write replica of the root.