In ZfDS I had workstation policies which ran scheduled tasks at intervals.

ZCM 10 has the ability to specify to run "Install" or "Launch" actions at intervals such as hourly, but I can't get it to actually do this. The "Windows Bundle" will often "install" or "launch" once, but then not again until I increment the version.

I've been reading through the various documents and came across an old document from 2007 that makes me think perhaps I should be doing this with a directive bundle.

So I created a directive bundle, and added a bundle I want to run hourly to it. This directive bundle first installs my Windows bundle, then it launches it. The associations are removed from the Windows bundle and added to the Directive bundle.

Is this how one reproduces the ability to schedule things hourly? Or should the Windows Bundle be installing hourly as I have had it specified to do so, and I'm just running into a bug?