I'm looking into improving the logon times for our network, and I'm starting with how long it takes the application explorer to do it's first load / refresh.

I've done a packet capture, and it's parsing the applications at an average of 3 every second, meaning its taking about 1 minute 20 to get through the 260 ish applications associated.

Firstly, is this a fairly typical time? As far as force run's go, there's about 50-60 apps set to force run, but most of these are things like patches that are not run on an average log in because they've already been installed. The only apps that actually do force run are a couple off apps that check user disk quota etc, nothing too substantial.

I want to try and reduce the number of apps if I can, but first I wanted to check if what we currently have is sounding particularly healthy or not.

When doing an application refresh after login, it takes around 25 seconds, and the packet capture for that shows a lot less activity, presumably because a lot has been cached.

We are using Novell Client 4.91sp5 and NAL version

Any advice / tips anyone has would be great thanks.