As with most Novell instructions, much is to be desired. I've tried to
configure my GWIM to autoupdate, but it fails saying it can't download
the "/client/win32/file.txt" file. I've read the instruction and tried
to decifer the confusing steps. This is what I did:

1. In ConsoleOne, I opened the properties of the MessengerService
object and set the "Client Update" with the following:
a. Client Download URLs - http://ipAddress:80
b. Enable client download through a browser - Enabled
c. Enable client auto-update - Enabled
d. Version: 2.0.4
e. Date: September 30, 2008 8:22:00 AM PDT
f. Grace logins - 0

From this point, I'm sort of lost (with regards to the clarity of the
instructions). The instructions say:

"From the Messenger software subdirectory, copy the index.htm file and
the msgricon.gif file to the primary document directory of your Web

I assume (dangerious I know) that the "Messenger software subdirectory"
is the "\VOL1\Novell\NM\ma\software" directory of the Messenger server.

But what or where is the "primary document directory of your Web server"