Hey folks,

Yeah, I know, probably should have known better, but Linux is an
*application* server, right?

Anyway, I did have GMS running fine for a couple weeks before I got
the hare-brained idea to also install ZCM and it's reporting modules.
Now I can't contact the GMS Admin console at all.

I have followed the instructions in the "Getting Started Guide" about
running Apache and GMS on the same server. I've modified the HTTP and
HTTPS ports in the securegateway.properties file and restarted the
server, but no response. All 3 services (mobilesuite, securegateway,
and asadb) are shown as running. Is there any other way to open up
the Admin console from the GMS server besides using
http://localhost/admin ?

Any other suggestions on getting access to GMS again? Thanks!