We upgraded from 2.0 to 2.5 about one week ago. After the upgrade the amount of storage managed/unmanaged is being reported incorrectly.

On the Main | Start Page, in Managed Objects Overview, User Storage reports that there is only ~34G of managed and unmanaged storage combined. I have individual users who have more than that on their own.

Also in Reports | Global Statistics, the amount of storage is being reported incorrectly.

We have terabytes of strorage that should be getting reported. I don't know if it could be a factor, but most of it is on clustered NSS volumes on an OES2 SP1 Linux cluster. However, there is certainly more than 34G still sitting around on Netware servers as well.

I have looked in server:sys\factory\logs for any clues of what is going on, but I can't see anything unusual in those logs.

Does anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting this issue?