For some reason this year after installing NW6.5 SP7, my BM 3.9 server seems to be failing to authenticate via the Client Trust the first time someone tries to open a web browser.

If the end-users click refresh in the browser two or three times, the trust authentication then succeeds and all is well from that point forward.

The NW6.5 BM machine in question was also virtualized last summer but I don't see what that would have to do with anything. The servers were upgraded and the original BM server converted to virtual disk files.

This machine has an I2O SCSI RAID controller and Novell decided to stop I2O support back in SP6, while Microsoft continues to support I2O without complaint. So to deal with the I2O support problems the machine runs Windows 2003 SP2, the free VMWare Server 1.06, and NW65SP7.

The machine has dual 1.4 ghz Xeons, and windows task manager load never exceeds 20% on CPU 1, with zero load on CPU 2. Two gig of RAM and 1 gig allocated to the BM VM, so the machine is not busy and it is not thrashing its memory.

A third issue the might be related but I cannot tell, is that the DSRepair Time synchronization check always shows a +1 for this server (from other servers) or a -1 for other servers (from this server). The time sources appear to be configured correctly, with a different NW65SP7 server being the master for all local servers including this one.


Yes, I am aware of SP8. I don't do service packs during the school year. I am going to have to wait until at least June before that can be done.