Subject: [ZLM] 1:bgr 2:dep resolution failures
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1) I have not been able to get zlman bgr to work, I played with it for quite some time, it says it hasremoved it but actually does not remove it at all. Can someone shed some light as to the common mistakes and absolute correct syntax for getting a bundle to remove from a catalog using zlman. Thanks.

2) I have setup sled10sp2 workstations attached to a zlm72ir2hp3 zlm server and a workstation group named SLED10SP2-PROD workstation group, assigned to it is PRODSP2-CAT-KERNEL, PRODSP2-CAT-OPTIONAL,PRODSP2-CAT-SECURITY, PRODSP2-CAT-RECOMMENDED (and also SLED10SP2-Dist). They are fully populated as of a few days ago. When I subscribe asled10 workstation to that group. When I type:

Resolving Dependencies...

I get the following error:

ERROR: Dependency resolution failed:
Unresolved dependencies:
Updating NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.6-0.12.i586[System packages] to NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.6-0.14.i586[PRODSP2-CAT-SECURITY]
NetworkManager-0.6.6-0.12.i586[System packages] provides NetworkManager == 0.6.6-0.12, but is scheduled to be uninstalled.
Can't satisfy requirement NetworkManager == 0.6.6-0.12 for NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.6-0.12.i586[System packages]
Can'tinstall NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.6-0.14.i586[PRODSP2-CAT-SECURITY],since NetworkManager-gnome-0.6.6-0.14.i586[PRODSP2-CAT-SECURITY] isalready marked as needing to be installed
Marking this resolution attempt as invalid.

I find this a bit odd... I do not understand the logic of the message, anyone have ideas?