The box has 2 Gig of RAM, 1.8 GHtz CPU, two 2-Gig traditional volumes
for proxy cache, 8 K blocks, LONG removed, no compression, etcÖ, each 2
Gig traditional volume is on a different physical hard drive but on the
single primary IDE controller.

BM3.7 patched with SP3 and Field Patch 4B. BM3.7 does not have the ICSA
Compliance kit on it.

NW6.0 has been patched up through SP5.

7 W2K workstations are on the network, 4 have browsers, and 3 people at
most are concurrently browsing the Internet at any one time.

Public NIC has a static class A with ff.ff.ff.f8 mask (only one IP
address assigned, no secondary, etc.); private NIC assigned
(DHCP assigns 100 Ė 150), ff.ff.ff.00.

All workstations use the proxy to brows although the problems still
occur even if the filters are unloaded and the workstations are
configured to connect directly.

The box is about 2 month old and the problems have been present since
the beginning and through all patch revs.

Problem number one: Browser access to the Internet is at full data rate
for a couple of minutes then drops to zero for about 30 sec. to a
minute, then is at full data rate for a little while. Connection data
rate stalls intermittently. All workstations experience the same
problem at the same time.

When downloading a file, initial download speed is full, but is slowly
decreasing at what appears to be a linear rate. For example when
downloading a 500 Meg file, download data rate starts at 3 Mbits/sec but
decreases in a linear fashion to zero over a 10 minute period and the
download fails (about 300 megs have been downloaded).

I should point out that when I connect my laptop right to the cable
modem I have no problems at all. This does not appear to be a cable

Second problem: STOPBRD and STARTBRD work fine early after the server
has been freshly booted. However, after a lengthy time (say 24 hours)
STOPBRD hangs during execution. The CPU climbs to about 76% and stays
there. The first two lines of the STOPBRD script show as having been
successfully executed and ďA secured Novell Internet Proxy Server module
has been unloadedĒ message is Emailed to me.
iManager shows Console Command in a ďwaitingĒ state with SERVER as itís

Iím going to replace the NICís tonight, but frankly Iím very puzzled.
If anyone can give me a direction to look, I would be most thankful.