Now that IE8 is on the road and will be installed soon via automatic update Novell should think about supporting actual browsers. Today I tried to create a file copy action inside a bundle with IE7 (ZCM snapins are not supported in my favorite browser, FireFox 3.x :D ...), no success. Browsing for the file is possible, also adding to the list of file(s) to copy, clicking on the OK button to insert this file(s) into the action list >You must select a file< error message comes up. No chance, tried UNC and with drive letter. After some research in the newsgroups i tried this action with FireFox 2.x, surprise, it worked.
FireFox 2.x is no longer supported, IE7 and ZCM = problem, what does Novell do in this case?

Werner Seifert
Johannes Kepler University Linz/Austria