Had one section of my school left on ZfD6.5 and i've since upgraded to 7sp1 which is running fine.

My question is: Back in the days of ZfD6.5 on the desktops running Dynamic Local User, it failed. The result ended up calling Novell Tech for support and obtaining a file called NALRSTRT.EXE this could then be installed and run as a service along with Microsoft's UPH cleaner to ensure the DLU was kicked out after logOUT.

Long story short i'm on ZfD7sp1 on my NW6.5sp7 servers, client workstations are running XPsp3 patched until last week. All machines run DLU. Do i need this NALRSTRT.EXE? and do i need UPHCLean.msi still?

Thank you for any input.