I've setup an iFolder 3.7 server on a test
machine and it seems to be working okay.
The test machine was installed on its
own tree and just have one user (root)
on Linux and admin on eDirectory.

I have a production tree that I want users to
be provisioned on the test machine. There
are no plans to add this test machine to
the production tree.

The documentation said that it is possible
to do this using an ldap proxy user defined
on the production tree.

So far here is what I've done:
1. Created a new user (ldapuser) on the production
tree without any password
2. Made this proxy user a trustee of [root] and given
Browse [Entry Rights], flag-inheritable

I'm stuck in defining the attributes for Read and

Can somebody let me know what attributes are
required (Read and Compare) for iFolder so that
the users in the production tree are provisioned
in the iFolder server (in its own tree).

Thanks :-)