Here is from the words of the front line school tech:

Teachers can get logged in to novell and work on internet then find that
when they go to another site they are timed out OR while on that site be
logged out. May be in a website and it freeze up to the point the computer must be restarted on a hard boot and then cannot get logged back in to Novell OR maybe they can.

Email freezes when you try to go to a New email - we use Novell
GroupWise WebAccess. Sometimes freezes when opening an email and times

When you open an email and then click the X to close it, and move the
mouse, the name of the sender is caught on the mouse and is drug around
the page. Must open the email again and close it again and NOT move the
mouse for approx 30 seconds or more and then the senders name will not
stay on mouse.

Internet running extreamly slow. At High school we are running on a new
4.5 Mb IMA circuit. Elementary buildings are running on Integrated wireless.

BorderManager prevents from looking at pages and freezes up and must be
restarted at the server.

Networked printers are losing their IP address and must be reconfigured.

Some print jobs remain out there in cyber space and prints 10, 15
minutes later after being sent or maybe the next day if at all.

The recent upgrade caused this to happen. NW65sp8 and BM 3.9sp2 were updated last week and since then, all this has started happening. It's been a few years since I have worked on Bordermanager but I can remember issues like this before. I have been tasked to fix this issue. I am trying to put together a list of what to take with me.
A spare NIC card or 2?
updated LAN driver?
updated TCP files?
It's already running the latest proxy.cfg file version 30.

Since I am leaving in the morning, anyone have a quick thought on what it could be?

Any help is greatly appreciated!