Under agents 10.1.1/2/3 I have seen that randomly on pc's, the Zen Notify Icon disappears. When I check the Task Manager the program is still running, and all of the menu's and system's are fine. I just cannot see the icon.

If I kill the zennotifyicon.exe in Task Manager, then run it again from c:\program files\novell\zenworks\bin\zennotifyicon.exe then it is back and happy.

I have checked the policy, and the icon is set to SHOW. That is normal for the other 100 users in our corporation.

Does anyone else see this ? I see no cause, and at the least would like an automated way to bring the icon back. I have noticed that if you use zen to run a script that kills zennotifyicon.exe then any current running jobs (Meaning the script) then fails too.