This probably doesn't have anything to do w/ "bordermanager", but since it
is happening on a BM server, and you guys know everything there is to know
about this packet-levely stuff, here goes:

getting an error on one of the BM server's nics: "cpqnf3-nw-906-adapter
1-board 1; adapter check 100005: transmit list error"

This is immediately followed by: "....slot 10004: network link is down.
check cabling"

and then..."....slot 10004: network link has been restored".

When it starts happening, I get the annoying beeps for each error, a pause,
and then it repeats seeminly endlessly. it goes away on its own, and
doesn't happen again for days. so its "intermittant".

everything seems to be working fine on the BM server; nothing in the
configuration has changed recently.

I did update the nic driver to the latest change.

this is the private nic, and it plugs directly into a 3com 10/100 switch,
100mbps/full duplex set at both the switch and the server.

the only thing I could find by googling the error message said that it had
to do w/ another machine on the collision domain going into full duplex
mode...doesn't make sense here, since we're on a switch.

any ideas?