I have been asked by a company to get their Client VPN working on what
I thought was a BM3.6 on NW5.1 installation throughout. It turns out
one site is BM3.8 running on NW5.1. I have downloaded Craig's revised
books (I only had 3.6 Version) but it shows everything being done in

Since the server is NW5.1, how can I manage BM? Does it have consoleone
snapins? For the others I was using NWADMIN so I had no problems...

Or does it install IManager and related web services as part of the BM
3.8 install. (Since NW5.1 doesn't have it)

I am only remote to the site which is 200 miles away so cannot visit it
but I can remotely control a pc there using zenworks from another

Any help here would be great