I'm setting up a whole new system (replacing NT4.0) using SUSI and OES. For the transition all my users are using CIFS to authenticate against the NT directory then map to the OES server through the NT login script.

Before I can turn off the NT server I have to get people authenticating to eDir. When I was planning this I expected to use the Novell Client.

Now I come to this forum and see messages that Client32 is about to be discontinued! I've been searching the documentation and have not seen any further mention of the demise of the Novell Client.

Is it true that there will no longer be a Novell Client?

What is the official suggested method for authenticating and mapping drives from a Windows workstation from here on?

Will there be login scripts?

What about Zenworks?

What about iPrint?

Is there any point in rolling out the latest Client32?

Thanks in Advance
Craig Lyndes
St Albans City School