I am receiving a bunch of errors on one of our ZCM servers. This started a few days ago and have not found any information on it. If I go to event viewer on the server I see a ton of errors for Novell.Zenworks.Logger
Category: BundleManager
BUNDLE.OBJECT_NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION: The Bundle web service encountered Object Not Found exception while getting details for Bundle "e6d2cdda43024dccb1a2a76d3965e38c"

Has anyone seen anything like this before. We are running ( I know, I know we should be using a later version but I have a test server that is having issues with 10.1.3 so we are waiting to upgrade the production servers until we get a version that doesnt give us problems).

There is over 25 GB of disk space left on the hard drive of the server so not a space issue.

Any suggestions would be great. Novell support hasnt been too helpful with any of my issues lately.