We are going to install a new server into our tree that will take over
the current border server's responsibilities. Later this year we will
put in yet another new server that will be clustered with border.

So, when I install my new server I want to do two things:

1) I want to ensure that I set it up with clustering in mind, that is to
say, that I want to install NCS also, configure the server with
secondary IP addresses that will be the main addresses for workstations
to do routing and proxy services and so on...that way when clustering is
deployed the server doesn't have to be reconfigured completely, nor do
the workstations.

2) I also want to find some way, if possible, during this install to
allow this new server to assume the current roles of my border server.
For example, right now my border server houses the CA for the tree, I
want the new box to take that on. The filters are all set up in my NBM
rule container, I'd want my new server to take that on. I think I could
easily 'whack' and reimport my filters from filters.cfg but dunno about
the CA...what issues I might want to watch out for.

3) Can I load balance the two servers, or do I need to just be happy
with the fail over benefits of NCS? It would be really cool if I could
somehow have both....oink oink!

I have the 2003 sept appnote and am reading through that, also craigs
book that talks about how to swap one bm server for another, but would
appreciate advice or 'gotchas' to look out for based on real world