I tried to setup a filter exception for webmin from the local to the
public interface for tcp
source port 1024-65530 dest port 10000
ack disabled
stateful inspection enabled

It failed with the output to the logger screen below.

I was able to get it working by changing the exception;
from the public interface - to the public interface.

This does not seem right to me. I beleive I have something configured
wrong. I purchased both of Craigs books but can't seem to understand
why I have to configure it this way. I only want outbound tcp to
destination port 10000.
Using an external port scanner did not show port 10000 open so it
behaves correctly.

Any comments would be appreciated.


OUTBOUND packet to "Discard"

Protocol Type=(TCP) Protocol Flag=(SYN)

Source Address=(64.161.xxx.xxx) Destination Address=(68.121.xxx.xxx)

Source Port=(2122) Destination Port=(10000)

Source TOS=(Dynamic) Destination TOS=(Dynamic)

Source Interface=(2) Destination Interface=(2)

Source Circuit=(41852) Destination Circuit=(41852)

Source GroupID=(0) Destination GroupID=(0)

Discard filter rule from "Filters" list

Filter Protocol Type=(IP)

Source Interface Type=(BOARD) Destination Interface Type=(Any)

Source Address=(Any Address) Destination Address=(Any Address)

Source Interface Number=(2) Destination Interface Number=(0)

Source Port Range=(0-0) Destination Port Range=(0-0)

Source TOS=(Reserved) Destination TOS=(Reserved)

Source Group Name=(None) Destination Group Name=(None)

Source Group ID=(0) Destination Group ID=(0)

Source Remote System ID=(None) Destination Remote System ID=(None)

Source Circuit=(0) Destination Circuit=(0)