I've successfully migrated a NW6.5 server from hardware to a VMWare VM,
I'm on the post-migration task:

"Now start the GUI environment using the command STARTX and from the
/Novell/ menu, select /Install/. Select the option /ADD/ and browse to
the file PRODUCTS.NI at the root of the installation CD."

On the Products CD, there is no products.ni at the root of the CD,
there's a postinst.ni which will allow me to select a template for a
type of server. On the OS CD, there is a products.ni, but using it
launches a "upgrade this server" dialog.

Using NWCONFIG doesn't work for products in this case, but I thought I'd
give it a shot. No luck, it's obviously "old school" and not appropriate.

What am I missing?