Hi there, I am setting up a New BorderManager 3.8 server running under
NW6.5. This server will be running proxy only.

The Hardware:

3.2GHz Xeon HP Proliant DL360 G3 (Hyperthreading disabled in BIOS)
2 x 36.4GB 15k SCSI drives
Smart Array 5i with Battery Backed Cache Option

This is how I am proposing to set it up:

20GB RAID 1 Array with 128KB (HP Default) Stripe Size for:

DOS Partition

Remaining Space for RAID 0 Array with 16KB Stripe Size for:

Cache 1
Cache 2
Cache 3
Cache 4

All Cache Volumes Traditional with 16KB Block size, no sub-alloc, no
compression, no long file names

Does this setup sound OK?

Should the Proxy Log Volume be Traditional as well?

I have read a lot of debate as to whether changing RAID stripe size
makes much difference. The consensus was Yes for Traditional Volumes,
no for NSS.

I can't put each cache volume on a separate spindle as I only have two
drives, but RAID 0 should almost achieve this effect from a
performance perspective?

On the Smart Array 5i, what should I set the Array Accelerator to? 50%
Read 50% Write or 75% Read 25% Write?

Cheers, Andy.

Andy Simpson CNE MCSE