From Craig's TIP #24 -
> Nov. 21, 2002: The snapin required for manipulating BorderManager-related rules in the Login Policy Object is called ADMSNAP.DLL, and should be present on a BorderManager server. This snapin is required in order to create VPN and Proxy rules in the LPO. The snapin ONLY is used for BorderManager-related rules, and RADIUS. This snapin does NOT allow you to create LPO rules related to Native File Access (NFAP). NFAP rules are configured using ConsoleOne. ConsoleOne snapins do not have the option to create BorderManager-related LPO rules.

I have recently installed BM3.8 but can't find this file anywhere. I
searched on for this file and can't locate it there
either. Is there a link you can provide so I can get this snapin?