Good Morning,

I have just started reading your BorderManager 3x book and very much like
the idea of a mutli boot dos partition with DR-DOS on it. Novell also has
a few "GO" utilities that look useful to put there as well.

The question I have concerning your multi boot is the reference to the
3rd choice of "copy c: to d:" ...where did d: come from? Do you have two
DOS partitions?

This brings up an interesting question as well, as to how to make a DOS
partiton larger than 2GB. Novells NW65 Administrators Handbook mentions
to create a minimum 1GB DOS partiition and add 1MB for each 1MB of server

So if a server has 4GB of memory, that would mean a dos partition of 5GB,
which also means that if it were possible, you'd have to use FAT32
instead of FAT .... However I have not been able to make that work.

Do you have any idea how this is accomplished?

Thank you