Hello all: I have been experiencing strange server behavior ever since
installing sp2a. BM38 sp2a runs on a NW6.0 sp5 server. The server has 1 g

The problem is difficult to describe so bare with me. The server will run
normally for 3 to 4 days when without notice we will see slow response when
accessing the net. My first instinct is that proxy is causing the problem.
So I try to unload proxy at which time the server cpu utilization will shoot
up to 80-90% and stay there. Proxy never unloads and I never get returned
to the command prompt. At this point the server is still responding to
network requests and is available on the network, but I have lost all
control. Only way out is a hard reset.

I must stress that I am 100% sure this problem began after the sp2a upgrade.

So, can someone give a helping hand?? Thanks in advance, Chris.