Next week I will be replacing an old Compaq 1600 proliant with a new Dell
2650 w/perc3di raid. This server is currently running nw6 sp2 w/BM3.7. I
have 5 36gb hard drives on the raid array. My plans are to use Portlock
Storage Manager to image the server and move it over to the new hardware.
I have done this many times with other servers and feel confident that this
will work. I do understand that I will have to remove the filters in
edirectory, modify the filters.cfg and run filtsrv migrate with the new
interface names on the new server (which will be named public and private
this time). As far as I can tell this will work just fine. Here's my
question though. How should I set up my raid. My thoughts were to take
two drives and hardware mirror them (raid 1) and use that drive for the sys
volume. I will then take two more drives in a raid 0 config and use those
for my cache volumes. The last drive I will use as a hotspare for the sys
volume. Do you think this is a good scenario? My cache drive will now
have 72gb available compared to 9gb from what I had. Before I ran three
3gb cache volumes. Now how should I split up my cache volumes on this new
(and much larger) 72gb drive? Should I use all of the space? or should I
make fewer smaller cache volumes? Any suggestions would be greatly