I just upgraded my NW5.1sp4/BM3.7 server to nw6.5sp2/BM3.8. Yeah?

I had a heck of a time doing it.

First, I had trouble with dbnet6.nlm abending every time it loaded (I ended
up renaming the NLM - with an incident open with TS).

A) Then, after much work, I finally determaned that the filters did not want
to load properly (filtcfg was empty) if the IPXFLT was loaded or turned on.
I ended up turning it off, because I don't have IPX bound externally
anyways. Anybody heard of this?

B) Then, after filtering was turned on again, I can't seem to get clntrust
to work again (it was fine before the upgrade). The filters haven't changed
(ok, just the IPX filters turned off). Any ideas where to look?


Steven Stringham