I just installed a fresh copy of bm3.8 with nw 6.5 as a replacement for our
nw5.1/bm3.7 server which had been acting up. The installation went VERY
well and the previous issues I had (excessive 504s and slow SSL auth) are
now gone. When installing this server I did not add any replicas to the bm
server. I've seen in previous posts/recommendations that it is recommended
to have a replica on it. I hate to add a replica as the partition already
has too many (in my opinion). However, would there any performance gain by
putting a rep on it? All is well so far, so I'm inclined to leave it alone.

Second question has to do with sp2. The installation went sooo smooth and
sooo stable I almost hate installing sp2. Are there any driving reasons to
apply sp2 if I have a seemingly stable system?