I have a requirement to move all 'login disabled' accounts to an 'Inactive Users' container. This is so we can still retain user HD's , but move them off of expensive SAN storage and onto cheaper media(in case they reurn at a later date - retention period is yet to be agreed on).

I have set a policy on the 'Inactive Accounts' OU to handle the above and it works fine for single transfers. I have however several thousand accounts to move, so, wrote a utility to identify 'Login Disabled' accounts in an OU and transfer them to the 'Inactive Accounts' container. I used Novell ActiveX controls in VB6 to effect the moves (the utility seems to works fine).

When I ran my utility at the weekend there were some 800 accounts transferred from one OU. The majority of these were fine, but, about 10 of these accounts ended up with the Enviroment HD variable being set to sys:\factory\Proxyhom and the catalogue details being flagged red.

The dirctories for the users concerned had actually been transffered correctly.

I am using NSM V2.5, I have the 'Inactive Accounts' volume set up as a volume managed by the same server that is running the engine.
I also have two event servers, they both contain copies of all of the Tree partition replicas (one is the Master and the other RW copies). There is also one Agent service running on the RW event server.

Eventually Identity Manager will operate the transfer to 'Inactive Accounts' OU when an account is disabled.

Am I doing something wrong by trying to do bulk transfers? It seem an obvious thing to do to get the Tree in the appropriate state. Or is this a bug?

Are there any NSM parameters that need to be changed to cope with large amounts of account moves?

Any help greatfully received.