Just an FYI:

While various bits of Novell's documentation will refer to compatible backup solutions (and then refer you to the partners and communities site), and while Symantec NetBackup will be listed as compatible, there's a few things you may wish to watch out for.

1) NetBackup 6.5 only supports OES2 via the Linux agent. The Linux agent is not OES2 aware, and as such, does NOT use the Novell TSAFS. This means that your compressed files will be decompressed when any backup runs (thus making compression with NSS useless). Further, it means you cannot backup GroupWise databases properly unless you want to monkey around with dbcopy and scripting (assuming you have enough drive space sitting around to do such).

2) You can use NetBackup 6.0, but that will require that you setup a dedicated NetWare server with the NetBackup NetWare client to act as a gateway to backup the NSS Linux volumes via TSAFS. You also need to use the Linux agent to backup the native Linux file system.

3) This is unsupported, but you could also use the Linux agent AND a dedicated NetWare server to run the NetWare client for TSAFS support. However, that's unsupported, not to mention a poor design and NetWare support is spotty at best from Symantec (plus NetWare is EOL for standard support in 2010).

4) If using NetBackup 6.5.2a or 6.5.3, you will need to contact Symantec for a special binary patch to exclude the NSS mount points, or else your backups will error and list "failure" in the reporting. Please note that the binary patch is version specific, so if you have the patch for 6.5.2a and you want to put 6.5.3 client on, you need a diff. version of the patch. The patch is not publicly available.

So if you have NetBackup, and are going to upgrade to OES2 Linux, I strongly suggest you contact Novell AND Symantec to work together to resolve these issues.

If you are thinking of switching to NetBackup, I advise you to look at other solutions.

Unfortunately for us, we HAD Syncsort BEX and it had nothing but problems (constantly abending the NetWare Cluster). And it still does not support sparse files on Linux/Solaris properly. You need to purchase their $100,000 image backup option to backup sparse files and even then the restores don't work properly.

We wanted Commvault, but they refused to provide an evaluation copy, even after we told them several times in writing they would lose the sale (their VP even got involved and said "no way".) 30-day money back guarantee doesn't work for Gov't agencies (once the money is spent, it's spent. In the off-chance there's a refund, it doesn't go to the agency that purchased it, it goes back to the general fund).