Hi, we have Novell Border Manager running on our school network
(http://www.bcit.ca) and have wireless access in many of our campus
buildings. The wireless connections work fine with laptops, it simply
connects you to the network and you open your browser and type in your
username and password into the Border Manager.

There are a couple students who have wireless PDAs, myself included (Dell
Axim x30) who have tried to also access the wireless network. The Novell
Border Manager screen is shown and we can enter our credentials but upon
hitting the login button a screen says we were authenticated successfully
and to hit the complete button to finish the process. Once we try to
complete it we get redirected to the login page again.

Our computer resource staff is not too friendly or helpful so I was
wondering if someone could post some ideas or possible configuraiton
settings so I could report back to the CR staff so they hopefully take a

Thomas Szafran