Using a BM 3.9 SP1 C2S VPN, client is unable to make the connection and receives an IKE errror. On the IKE screen I see:

3-30-2009 11:20:08 am ***Receive Main Mode message from
3-30-2009 11:20:08 am I-COOKIE=CCA3E8F0ED6F3E17,R-COOKIE=BE5D97D18110D902,MsgID=0,1stPL=KEY-PAYLOAD,state=-1688846356
3-30-2009 11:20:08 am The first payload of the message #1 is not the SA Payload!
3-30-2009 11:20:08 am sending notify message type: 4 to
3-30-2009 11:20:08 am ***Send Unacknowledge Informational message to
3-30-2009 11:20:08 am I-COOKIE=CCA3E8F0ED6F3E17,R-COOKIE=BE5D97D18110D902,MsgID=AF8AD706,1stPL=NOTIF Y-PAYLOAD,state=-1688846244

I have another client that is setting just outside of our firewall that makes the connection just fine.
I've provided the following ports to the client's ISP to open:

TCP Port 353
UDP Port 353
UDP Port 2010
TCP Port 500
TCP Port 213
Protocol ID of 57

Are these correct? If so, what else should I look for that would cause this? Thank you for any help. I need this resolved ASAP as this is a government agency that require remote access for payroll.