Okay, since I'm a crazy person I was thinking about putting OES2 SP1 on XEN.

Here's the rationale/thoughts behind this:

1) Customer has lots of regional servers with some horsepower on them.
2) There may be a possibility in the future that we need to run more than one "thing" on the machine (ie, Windows or another SLES instance), and in order to save money/performance I think XEN would be better than putting vmware Server or workstation on it.

Obviously doing so would mean that I'd pretty much put SLES 10 SP2 or whatever on the server, and then putting XEN on it and migrating the NetWare stuff to OES2 SP1 into the VM.

My questions:

1) Good idea? Or am I just asking for trouble?
2) Performance with XEN seems to be very good
3) Disk access. I would use the HP Raid to carv out LUN's and I'd like the XEN VM to have physical access to the unique LUN's. None of this virtual disk business.

Downsides are that mounting ISO's with XEN are a royal PITA, IMO (you have to convert back to fully virtual to boot from the ISO, etc.)

If I put OES2 SP1 as the host, then I pretty much cannot do XEN (depending upon what services are installed), and I'm not sure it really buys me anything to go with that scenario.