I'm using Messenger 7.0.2 and have a pretty basic question (I hope). I have the following eDir structure

<School 1>
<School 2>

My LDAPContainer object looks at everything in the tree (O=organization).
I have a DefaultPolicy that permits Messenger Use
I have a DefaultScope profile that includes the entire tree (*,O=organization).

I'm attempting to exclude certain OUs from Messenger use. Toward that end, I've:

1. Created a second scope (e.g., *,OU=Students,OU=Site1,O=organization).
2. Created a second policy and left (and locked) the checkboxes to disable messenger.
3. I've set the "Scope Profile" attribute for the policy for the new scope.
4. I cycled the Messenger agents.

Needless to say it didn't work. When I look at one the "student" users and click the "Novell Messenger" tab, I get a message that there is not policy associated with the Messenger object. I checked the template object but there are no Messenger options. I know I can select a bunch of users, assign the policy, and then it'll work but I have over 10k accounts in 8 different OUs and would like a better option. The documentation says I can go to the "Used By" attribute of my student policy and add them there but that's pretty clunky and requires maintenance.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!