Let's say I have a backup software program that doesn't support or use TSAFS or TSAFSGW on Linux.

Let's say I have GroupWise on NSS on OES2 SP1 Linux.

What methods are available for good backups that don't cost extra money? (ie, can't purchase Reload).

I'm aware of these:
1) Buy more disk and use scripting to do a dbcopy (oh wait, that costs money)
2) Use scripting to unload the groupwise agents while the backup runs. That would be bad as some of the backups take hours (regional servers).
3) Buy diff. backup software (oh wait, that costs money too).

Has anyone ever used like NSS Pool snapshotting? (I'm not even sure if it would work or if we have current disk space to even use it).

I was talking to our Unix admins (Solaris) and they mentioned something that it kinda depends on how the app deals with the databases for reads. Something about inode mapping or memory mapping? (terminology may be diff.)

Ironically management is more likely to spend money to migrate to Exchange than they are to buy new backup software "just" for groupwise (yes, I know, but I don't make the rules).